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Heat storage, heat reserve

Heat storage represents one of the distinctive features of tiled stoves which allows you to maintain heat for up to 8 hours after combustion ends. This means you can enjoy constant, comfortable heating, even when you're no longer stoking the fire.

Heat storage works as a sort of "secret reserve" of heat, therefore allowing for significant savings in wood and time.

Imagine you have a traditional wood stove and a storage stove, both with a nominal power of 8 kW.

The wood stove traditional produces 8 kW of heat instantly but requires constant relighting during the day, consuming a lot of wood.

The storage stove although it has the same amount of kW or even less, amplifies the calorific value spreading it over time thus avoiding further refills of wood: at the end of the day the wood consumed will be halved.

When evaluating a storage stove it is therefore essential to take into consideration the hours of accumulation (the interval therefore between one charge and another) e the necessary wood for each refill - factors strictly linked to the storage mass of the stove itself.

Therefore, the greater the accumulation mass, the lower the quantity of wood consumed.

Established that the calorific value of wood is the same regardless of the type of stove, what makes the difference in termini of consumption are the number of refills and the quantity of wood loaded in the same period of time.

In fact, in majolica stoves the same calorific value is simply distributed over more time so at the end of the day you will have done fewer refills and will therefore have consumed less wood.

Taking for example a classic wood stove and a storage wood stove both of 8 kW, the savings can easily be seen from the images which, in the case of 8 hour storage, reaches 80%.

Cerampiù entrust the sale to selected retailers who will be able to help you both in the aesthetic choice (colors and decorations) and in thermal efficiency based on your home and your specific needs.

To obtain a quotation it is therefore necessary to contact a local retailer who will provide all the information including correct installation of the stove and connection to the flue, as per current regulatory requirements.

Radiant heat, an embrace of well-being

The heat of the ceramic embraces every space, reaching the air, surfaces and walls evenly.

Tiled stoves respect the natural principles of heating, eliminating the need for fans or forced systems.

The result? A silent environment, free of annoying dust suspended in the air.

The harmony between temperature and humidity is fundamental for comfort, and a tiled stove, thanks to radiant heat and natural convection, offers uniform distribution without dust movement.

With a tiled stove, the comfort is real and unparalleled.

Heat storage elevated to excellence: Durasic®

Our passion for quality is reflected in the choice of materials for our heat storage stoves.

It all begins with Keramfire®, the exclusive blend of natural raw materials studied in our laboratories that lines the combustion chamber of our products.

Next to it, the fine artisanal ceramic which accumulates heat and spreads it naturally without the need for forced ventilation.

But the true essence of our heating storage system is Durasic®, which spreads the heating power over time and personalizes the heating experience with greater autonomy and reduced consumption.

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More heat storage with Durasic®

Durasic® it is a revolutionary material, born from the technological research of Cerampiù, which acts as the beating heart of our modular tiled stoves.

It is an advanced system made with refractory clay and silicon carbide that ensures performance beyond common expectations.

The complete craftsmanship of this material has allowed the design and creation of various modular elements to have the typical heat of custom-made stoves in the body of practical and compact ceramic stoves.

Durasic® plates

Designed to fit compactly inside the tiles, our small plates are designed to retain heat and gradually release it into the environment even after the fire has gone out.

These components are available for series Stubetta e Armonia.

Durasic® blocks

They take advantage of the space between the insert and the roof of the series Stubetta, Armonia and the modern Sintesi Medium, offering a true build boost.

This allows the diffusion of beneficial radiant heat to be extended for a longer period.

Durasic® rings

Positioned above the insert, they intelligently exploit the available space to capture the heat produced by the modern models of the line Sintesi Maxi, Vision, Over and Tower.

They gradually release this heat into the surrounding environment over many hours, ensuring healthy and pleasant thermal comfort.

Durasic® rings and plates

The ideal solution for those looking for the degree of heat storage of a real custom-made stove.

The union of plates and heat storage rings maximizes the heat collected and increases its release for up to 8 hours after the fire has gone out.

Ideal for models Alpina 6 levels, Armonia Vega, Armonia Regina e Armonia Madame.

Fumes Durasic®

The extraordinary freedom in defining the shapes and volumes of custom-made majolica stoves or storage fireplaces with appreciable advantages both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, and in terms ofmini of thermal efficiency and maintenance.

Two diameters are available, 180 mm for high thicknesses and 160 mm for miniyou clutter me.

The flue gas passage in Durasic® it has been tested and certified for performance and efficiency by the research and development body (VFH) of the Osterreichischer Kachelofenverband in Vienna with report no. VFH – 12 – 020 M of 30/10/2012, in which the calculation methods of the Durasic® in the calculation program software of the KOV Vienna.

The flue gas passage in Durasic® stands out for:

Great freedom in the creation of complex shapes or with very small overall dimensions.

Easy construction phases, with short lead times.

Design made easier with elements integrated into the calculation software of KOV Vienna.

Custom Yield Report: Allows you to know your yield before starting construction.

Certifiable returns above 80%!

Wood/electric: two in one

The new system Hybrid, developed by Cerampiù, provides the possibility for tiled stoves to operate in a dual mode, with wood or electricity, simply by connecting the power socket.

The electric mode, made possible by the use of resistors inside the stove, can be used for more saving and comfort of use.

The relase of heat in electric mode is immediate and can be the first support for the wood use.

A programmable tiled stove? Unmissable

Program the electric ignition a few hours before waking up or returning home, to find the tiled stove hot without having to turn on the fire.

The advantages of a modern wood stove, while maintaining those of a classic tiled stove.

Solar energy and radiant heat: the perfect combo

The tiled stove with Hybrid system combined with your photovoltaic system, optimizes the use of captured solar energy, guaranteeing greater autonomy, lower costs and transforming heating into a more intelligent and comfortable experience.

The perfect synergy between energy efficiency and living comfort.

The advantages of combining wood and electricity

The Hybrid technology applied to tiled stoves allows you to have a flexible and comfortable heating system in your home.

You can abandon yourself to the emotion of the fire, listening to the crackling of the wood, or rely on the speed of the electric current, benefiting from its efficiency.

The dual power mode makes the Hybrid stove perfect in every situation. In the absence of electricity you can fuel it with wood, and vice versa.

You can also decide to use alternating systems, preferring pleasant electric heating, or quick and effective wood heating.

The electric ignition of the stove can be easily programmed and managed using a timer.

You can equip yourself with a manual timer supplied by third parties, or choose one with remote operation, which allows you to manage turning the stove on and off via a smartphone app.

In this way you can set it to turn on a few hours before waking up or returning home, so that the ceramic heats up and begins to give off heat without delay.over turn on the fire.

In its electric mode, the stove works simply by plugging into the power socket. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the stove turns off, allowing you to enjoy the heat slowly released by the ceramic tiles.

Savings are guaranteed by the electricity combined with the storage heating produced by the ceramic. After the stove has reached temperature, the ceramic tiles will continue to release constant heat for hours, without the need to refill the wood.

Maximum savings and maximum efficiency are achieved if the system Hybrid it is used in combination with your photovoltaic system.

The combustion chamber in Keramfire®

The heart of our wood stoves and inserts Leka it is lined with a special refractory material called Keramfire®, a brand Cerampiù registered since 1993.

This exclusive blend of natural raw materials, the result of years of research in our laboratories, is designed to resist high temperatures and thermal shocks.

Thanks to Keramfire®, the firebox can maintain and return the heat storaged during combustion for many hours even after the fire has gone out.

A combination of resistance and thermal performance that characterizes our quality recognized for two decades.

The meeting between craftsmanship and technology

Our fireplaces are the result of meticulous artisanal processes made with the best raw materials and which guarantee the maximum quality and durability of the combustion chambers.

The complete craftsmanship also allows the full potential of the material to be exploited.

In fact, each piece is designed with holes specifically designed to promote the correct supply of oxygen inside the cumbustion chamber and thus obtain more efficient wood combustion, reducing emissions and consumption.

Double style

The combustion chamber in Keramfire® offers two elegant color variations: the characteristic light tone, which maintains a clean and pleasant appearance over time, and the bolder black in which the color is intrinsic to the mixture and therefore does not depend on external varnishes.

Optimize combustion and heat storage with Smart Fire

To obtain the highest yields from your stove with maximum ease of use, Cerampiù has created a device that allows you to control combustion automatically and safely.

Smart Fire it is an electronic system that automatically regulates the combustion air flow of the stove, in order to optimize combustion and heat storage.

Depending on the temperature present in the combustion chamber, this system is able to precisely dose the air flow, to ensure optimal heat storage and complete, clean and efficient combustion, with minimum emission values.

Worry-free combustion

Place the wood, light the fire and close the door: these are the only operations required, it will take care of the rest Smart Fire.

It will therefore no longer be necessary to manually adjust the air flow by acting on the stove registers or wait for combustion to finish before leaving the house.

Smart Fire makes your home heating experience smarter, more convenient and more efficient.