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We make branded majolica stoves Cerampiù, branded wood-burning inserts Leka and we are official distributors Hoxter for fireplaces and thermocamini.

We make branded ceramic stoves Cerampiù and branded wood-burning inserts Leka

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Ceramic craftsmen and storage heating specialists

With an eye towards the future, we have transformed the ancient radiant heat of traditional Tyrolean stoves into modern heat storage tiled stoves. The union between tradition and innovation has given rise to practical and immediate solutions, which stand out for their heat storage, the timeless charm of artisanal ceramic and the speed of installation.

Made in Cerampiù: products with an Italian soul

Our modular storage stoves, as well as the inserts Leka, are an authentic expression of craftsmanship, completely produced in Italy, or rather, in Cerampiù.

We manage the entire production chain internally, tackling each step through the skilled hands of our master craftsmen.

Save up to 70% of wood

The storage stove, although it has the same amount of kW or even lower than a traditional wood stove, amplifies the calorific value by spreading it over time, thus avoiding further refills of wood: at the end of the day you will realize that with a storage stove you get save up to 70% of wood!

Quality you can feel: true innovation in heat storage stoves

The quality of our heat storage tiled stoves begins with the Keramfire®: an exclusive blend of raw materials studied in our laboratories.

Alongside the fine handcrafted ceramic for natural heat without ventilation.

But the heart of our system is Durasic®: power distributed over time, for an accumulation that makes the difference.

Program the heat: wood and electric with Hybrid

Hybrid it is a unique technology that allows the stove to function thanks to the synergy between two power modes, wood and electric.

It guarantees maximum savings if combined with the home photovoltaic system and allows you to program the electric ignition a few hours before waking up or returning home, to find the tiled stove hot without having to worry over turn on the fire.

Heat storage, embrace of well-being

Heat storage represents one of the distinctive features of ceramic stoves which allows the heat to be maintained for up to 8 hours after the end of combustion with a notable reduction in consumption.

The heat from the ceramic embraces every space, reaching the air, surfaces and walls evenly, eliminating the need for fans or forced systems.

The result? Healthy, enveloping and long-lasting heat in a silent environment, free of annoying dust suspended in the air.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Our tiled stoves meet the high requirements of the Emission Control and Environmental Protection Act and promote a more sustainable future.

A complete range that guarantees a yield of over 87% and does not limit the choice of the most suitable style for your home.

5 star solutions for maximum incentive

A wide choice of 5 star solutions.
Maximum incentives, no restrictions on use and top yields in compliance with the strictest emission limits.

Position yourself in the most advantageous range for incentives and heat environments with a dust value lower than the limit of 10 mg/Nm3.

Custom-made stoves

Custom-made tiled stoves represent our roots.

They are authentic storage heating systems, built on site and customized by the specialized smoker to meet specific thermal and aesthetic needs.

We maintain a link with tradition by producing the fine ceramic that covers these works of art with heat.

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