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Tiled stoves

The enveloping warmth of the classic custom made stove blends with modernity and practicality in our tiled stoves. By integrating the comfort of radiant heat and reduced consumption with practicality and technology, we have created modular heat storage stoves that maintain heat for up to 8 hours after the fire goes out.

Efficient and sustainable heating solutions that are easier and quicker to install than conventional tiled stoves.

Quality you can feel

The quality of our heat storage tiled stoves begins with the Keramfire®: an exclusive blend of raw materials studied in our laboratories. Alongside the fine handcrafted ceramic for natural heat without ventilation. But the heart of our system is the Durasic®: power distributed over time, for an heating storage that makes the difference. Learn more

Fast and intelligent assembly

Our modular ceramic stoves offer the heating advantages of storage heating systems plus practical assembly in just a few hours, without the need for complex building work. In fact, when they are installed they do not need to take up too much space in the agenda.

Maximum economic incentives

Maximum incentives and no restrictions on use for those who choose our storage stoves. In fact, 5-star certified stoves heat rooms, reducing the environmental impact for a more sustainable future.

Environmental sustainability

Our tiled stoves meet the high requirements of the Emission Control and Environmental Protection Act and promote a more sustainable future.

An art object

A fantastic heat source that adds elegance to furnishings. We offer tiled stoves with designs from soft lines to more squared and contemporary that make environments of any size cozy and sophisticated. Furthermore, each stove model can be customized with a vast choice of colors (over 200 available), surface effects and hand-made decorations.

Programming and wood/electric combination

Thanks to the Hybrid system our tiled stoves can work in two modes: wood or electricity. Perfect in combination with a photovoltaic system, the Hybrid system guarantees autonomy, savings and unmatched convenience. Learn more

Ease of use

Place the wood, light the fire and close the door: these are the only operations required, it will take care of the rest Smart Fire. It will therefore no longer be necessary to manually adjust the air flow by acting on the stove registers or wait until termini burning to leave the house.

Italian craftsmanship

Our ceramic stoves are handcrafted and completely made in Italy, or rather made in Cerampiù. In fact, we manage the entire production chain internally, carrying out every single step by hand, thanks to our master craftsmen, experts and professionals who know every aspect of ceramic processing, colouring, decoration and assembly.

In the 3 lines Stubetta, Sintesi e Armonia, modular tiled stoves also stand out as furnishing elements with different options of sizes and styles


The rounded lines recall the traditional design of custom-made ceramic stoves, while the handmade ceramic spreads heat in a healthy and beneficial way, creating a warm and comfortable environment for up to 4-5 hours after the fire goes out.

With low consumption and high efficiency, Stubetta fits any space with classic furnishings, even the smallest ones.

These modern, sustainable wood-burning stoves are ready for installation and allow for quick customisation of ceramic, glazes, decorations and accessories.


The modern collection of heat storage stoves of Cerampiù presents square and contemporary shapes.

Not only a wonderful heat source, but also an authentic modern furnishing element.

Renewing the idea of ​​the ceramic stove, the modular stoves Cerampiù retain the characteristics of modern stubes, but in agile versions of various sizes.

From compact models perfect for small spaces to more impressive options ideal for larger environments, they offer uncompromising comfort, transforming any room into a cozy and minimalist space.


The heat storage wood stoves with an elegant design. With its compact structure and the use of materials with high heat storage capacity, the line Armonia offers the experience of a custom-made stove, giving off heat for up to 8 hours after the end of combustion.

Simple to install, it combines elegance and superior thermal performance.

An extraordinary heat source and an authentic classy furnishing accessory.

Custom-made stoves

Our roots, a symbol of warmth and comfort for generations, custom-made tiled stoves have inspired the evolution towards today's modular tiled stoves.

We are talking about heat storage stoves created directly on site, designed with attention to detail to perfectly adapt to the thermal and aesthetic needs of each home.

Covered entirely in ceramic, made and decorated by hand in our workshops, they offer an enveloping sensation of softness and warmth.

Their soul is made up of a flue gas passage Durasic®, a refractory material with high heat storage capacity that captures and releases heat gradually for many hours after the fire has gone out.