Custom-made tiled stoves

Tiled stoves are a customised heat-accumulation system, which recalls the timeless appeal of the classic Kachelofen.

These tiled stoves are built directly on place and are carefully drawn, taking care of details, to adapt perfectly to the thermal and aesthetic needs of your home. 

Their body is entirely covered by tiles, a handmade material decorated by hand in our laboratories that ensures a feeling of softness and warmth, even when touched. This makes it perfect for a comfortable stove, even to hug. 

Their core is composed by Durasic® flue gas system, a refractory material with a high heat-accumulation capacity that absorbs heat during combustion and releases it gradually in the room,  even after the fire has burned out. Two loads of wood in a day are enough to enjoy warmth all day long. 

Real pieces of furniture with a customised style

Tiled stoves are customised. Shape, size and aesthetic appearance are carefully designed taking into consideration your tastes, the features and style of your home as well as the heating needs of your family. 
Therefore we can design tiled stoves not only with a modern taste and design, but also classic and traditional, like decorated stoves. 


modern tiled stoves

Modern tiled stoves

Minimal, easy and elegant lines. The modern tiled stoves are real furniture elements.

classic tiled stoves

Classic tiled stoves

The fascinating classic stube it will never become old fashioned as its majolica tiles recall past shapes.

decorated tiled stoves

Decorated tiled stoves

The majolica tiles are carefully hand decorated and they presents monumental shapes: we are talking about traditional Tyrolean stoves.

tile stoves with oven

Tiled stoves with oven

The tiled stoves with the oven are beautiful and functional. You will rediscover the old flavour of grandma’s food.


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All our tiled stoves are customised and represent a true piece of furniture for your home. They are suitable to any room and can meet different combinations of style and design. 
Cerampiù creates products that are completely customizable in tile forms, glazes, hand decorations and color combinations. 


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Dinamic shapes, hand-painted tiles and a great range of colours make our stoves totally customisable and suitable to satisfy whatever your style is.

Cerampiù develops customised drawings, creating design stove and modern fireplaces that match your house style. Below you can find a selection of the best drawings of tiled stoves.

Fire technology

Durasic® is an innovative material, developed by Cerampiù technical research. It is composed of heat-accumulation rings and a flue gas system: the forefront of heat-accumulation systems to create high-efficiency fireplaces and tiled stoves with the greatest freedom in defining shapes and sizes. 

In order to match high efficiency with user-friendly stoves, Cerampiù designed a device that controls combustion authomatically and safely.
Smart Fire is an electronic system that automatically adjusts combustion air inlet of the stove to optimise combustion and heat-accumulation.

From Cerampiù experience, it has been created the tool for the mechanical timed control of combustion air: easy to use and highly performing, for high efficiency stoves and fireplaces.

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