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Stoves that tell stories: the Art of Majolica by Cerampiù

The craftsmanship of ceramic Cerampiù it is an expression of mastery and dedication. Each piece is shaped with care and passion, reflecting the craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.

The artisanal processing of ceramic gives each stove a unique character, making it not only a source of heat, but also an authentic work of art that embellishes rooms with its distinctive charm.

There are so many possibilities for ceramic cladding on wood-burning stoves: ceramics have new sizes and glazes, personalized decorations, innovative textures and the uniqueness that only artisan work can have.

Ceramic still makes you dream.

Personalized furnishings: tiled stoves to light your dream

Thanks to ceramic, modern wood stoves become a totally new furnishing experience.

Our tiles, created with innovative colors and concepts, add a unique touch. The lines, engravings and textures create surprising plays of light and tactile sensations.

With more than 200 colours, surface effects and hand-made decorations, our tiled stoves satisfy both those looking for a modern element and those who love more traditional models.

Furnishing thus becomes an extraordinary experience.