"Today, more than ever, our home begins with us, with our needs and desires that we have developed during a period in which we have lived it more intensely, by necessity. Our home has become a place of study and work, as well as of family and relax."

Katia Zilio – Cerampiù

These words summarize what we have all spent in the recent months and what we are still going through, everyone in their own situation and experience, but all united by the same leitmotif: staying at home or limiting our movements.

In this period we have felt more the importance of feeling good at home maybe. Thought apparently banal, but not obvious, if we think that, after all, we have never spent so much time in our homes as in the last months. Get used to an everyday life that leads us to go out, for work, leisure, necessity ... The awareness of the environment in which we live and that welcomes us, every day, in all seasons, has become more alive.

Probably the way of working, studying and living will change, not for everyone but for many people. Probably the time, energy and desire to improve our well-being at home will increase and we would like to be there. We would like to be there not only with our products and our new heating solutions, but also and above all with our dedicated advice and support, to provide whom ask us for the best solution for their needs.

We know that every home is different… And demanding! Each room has its own features and for us, every heating project must be custom-made. Our new systems, Hybrid Heating System (wood + electric) and Future Heat (100% electric) are born from these feelings, from listening and desire to meet customers’ needs more and more. Cutting-edge tiled stoves, that look to the future, taking origin and inspiration from the traditional beauty of the classic Kachelofen.


Our Hybrid system is a hybrid heating system that integrates the traditional use of wood with electricity, by connecting the stove to the socket.

Some of the main advantages:
  • Programming the switching on and off of the stove
  • Great autonomy thanks to the double power supply
  • Extremely practical and safe
  • Extremely efficient with savings guaranteed by joining the electrical system to the accumulation system of ceramic.


Dedicated to people who are looking for a totally electric system, without caring of finding wood and storing it at home. Discover Future Heat, the first fully electric tiled stove!