Every day, for 30 years, we have been carrying on a story made of craftsmanship and tradition, innovation and technology, art and design.

Our origins: majolica elements for classic heat storage stoves

Our business began in 1992 with the production of majolica elements for classic tiled stoves. Over the years our experience has been strengthened and our skills have grown, allowing us to extend our production to tiled heat storage stoves and fireplaces, able to satisfy different tastes, styles and furnishing requirements, even those with the most modern or contemporary taste.
Heat storage stove - Maxi - Cerampiù
Heat storage stove - Chef - Cerampiù
White Heat storage stove - Maxi - Cerampiù
Heat storage stove - Quadra 4 Levels - Cerampiù
Heat storage stove - Vega - Cerampiù
Heat storage stove with wood storage box - Maxi - Cerampiù


Our heat storage stoves are a real Made in Italy product, result of a completely handcrafted workmanship and are  produced entirely in our production site. Our tiles arise from a natural mixture based on water and carefully selected clays.


But what is the heat-accumulation system in Cerampiù tiled stoves and how does it work? With DURASIC®, the innovative material characterized by a great heat storage capacity that we have developed in our laboratories, you can achieve up to 12 hours of heating. Find out how DURASIC® system works!


Always in line with the times and close to our customers’ needs, we promote the development of heating systems that allow you to improve well-being within your living space. In this way, innovative solutions are developed, such as the fully electric tiled stoves of Future Heat line, the hybrid wood/electric stoves of Hybrid line and the Smart Fire control system that allows you to control the combustion automatically and safely.


Tiled heat storage stoves heat objects and people directly, without directing forced air through the ducts, as occurs in forced ventilation systems. Thanks to the heat release by radiation, there is no  dust or mites raising. Floors and walls keep warm and the humidity percentage is at the right levels.
With less thermal energy, domestic air is healthier and improves the perception of heat which result to be more balanced, uniform, natural.