From the heart of our company to the heart of your homes: the new "Cerampiù heart section"

After the lockdown period, which involved each of us, in all our spheres of life and work, on 4th  May our company reopened the doors and we started again to produce, deliver, provide commercial and technical advice to our resellers and customers.

What has happened in these months?

The lockdown seemed to us (and actually it was) a very long time, in which everything seemed to be stopped, while many things really happened in our lives and in our homes.

We doubtless took back a slower time and our home, with the need or desire to change it, furnish it differently and make it even more a place to feel good.

That's why we get back with great enthusiasm to design, produce and advise. We are aware that many people have thought about home heating and the desire to have a warm "Heart" in their home that releases a healthy, pleasant, eco-friendly and comfortable heat, as only a heat-accumulation tiled stove can do.

The desire to involve you in our company life, also through the new section "Heart Cerampiù", has born from this new recovery. We would like to share with you our enthusiasm and passion that we put into our work that is still so handcrafted that every single piece of tile passes from hand to hand, with so much care and attention, in order to create the final product.

We will reveal these steps and people who make it possible, with their passion and skills and in full compliance with the rules and devices necessary to protect health. Every day they make a piece of our wonderful stoves!

In our website and social channels you will find the periodic contents of the new section ... Cerampiù. Look for the symbol ... and the hashtag #cuorecerampiù and discover our heart!

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here we are!

Tile artisans and heat-accumulation specialists. We like to describe our team in this way. Always together in our everyday experience which, over the time, has allowed us to equip our stoves and fireplaces with new systems that ensure high efficiency, savings, healthy and balanced heat for the wellness of the whole family.