Future Heat: the fully electric tiled stove

Future Heat system is one of our innovations for 2020. The new "Future Heat" system allows our traditional tiled stoves to operate in 100% electric mode, without wood.

It is a completely eco-friendly heating system, thanks to the possibility of connecting tiled panels to the electrical system.

Perfect in combination with home photovoltaics system, our "Future Heat" stoves offer best performance to heat small rooms such as office, study, bathroom or bedroom.

All the wellness of radiant heat

Tiled plates store the heat and release it slowly, uniformly and constantly into the room, by ensuring all the benefits of radiant heat: the healthy and natural heat typical of tiled stoves, which warm the home up without air movements and dust raising.

Future Heat is also perfect for people who cannot store wood at home, but at the same time do not want to give up the wellness of radiant heat.

Our Future Heat system ensures ease of use and beneficial heat, as only a tiled stove can do!

High technological content

The stove lighting on and off can be easily set up and controlled by a manual timer or a smartphone app. Perfect solution, for example, when you want to heat the bathroom up to find it warm when taking a shower. After the stove has reached the desired temperature, the tiled plates keep on releasing heat.

Energy saving and customization

Energy saving is ensured by the 100% electric power supply, combined with tile heat accumulation. The maximum levels of savings and efficiency are achieved when the stove is used in combination with your photovoltaics system.

All our tiled stoves with Future Heat electric system are customizable and available in a wide range of decorations and glazes, in order to have a product with a unique and individual design.