What is the stove of your dreams? Find it out with the new Cerampiù configurator

Our company is always keeping on development of products and proposal of new solutions for home heating, in which ceramic has the most important role.

Our configurator can only follow this trend and has now been extended to all 23 models available in our catalogue.

Models: Quadra 4 and 5 levels, Chef, Lumia, Future Heat, Rondò 4 and 5 levels, Gourmet, Atena, Olimpia

Models: Mini, Maxi, Medium and Cook
Models: Nobile 4 and 5 levels, Bistrot, Alpina 4 and 5 levels, Vega, Regina

Find out the stove of your dreams

Browse through all our lines of products and enjoy customizing your stove!

Customization with no limits

Our customization options go as far as your imagination can arrive!

With our configurator you can enjoy creating your stove, playing with the colors of the front, sides, frames, grout lines, door, base. You can go through creative touches by choosing from some graffiti and recesses with decorations.

Our configurator offers a basic representation of combinations, but the possibilities are endless and can satisfy all your needs.

To learn more about our customizations, visit our section Art Collection or contact us to tell your idea!


Why did we decide to create a configurator for our users?

Here are some reasons:

1. Our configurator helps your imagination
2. It makes you virtually view your stove
3. It helps you in the aesthetic drawing up
4. You can print your customization and keep it for a direct discussion with us or with a reseller

Customize your stove and then contact us to find the dealer closest to you.

Enjoy your customization!