Ceramic Wood Stove Tile Technique: Colours, glazing and decoration

Our ceramic tile wood stoves are covered by hand-painted tiles to give our customers the opportunity to choose glazes, decorations, surface effects, customizations that best meet their tastes and individual interior design.

Each Cerampiù ceramic wood stove has a unique as well as new design.

Our tiles are hand-decorated and every piece is followed step-by-step with great care, from raw material blending to the finished and decorated element, to check and guarantee the highest quality of the final result.

The tecnique of decoration and working out of details is possible thanks to the skilful hands of our ceramic artist, who turns our tiles into real masterpieces.

Much more than a stove!

The constant comparison between our artistic soul and technical skill always creates new and truly special ideas, such as our “Natura” glazes line, our new palette designed for ceramic tile wood stoves with a modern design.
Our "Natura" line has 8 new shades inspired by natural tones: earth, water, stone, fire... These new glazes have met with great success the interest of visitors in Progetto Fuoco fair.

With a more classic and rustic character, "Cristalline" is the new range of glossy glazes, in 9 shades, particularly suitable for tiles with reliefs and wallpaper. The contrast between dark and light created by the "Cristalline" colours gives the ceramic wood stove distinctive aesthetics and elegance. They find their highest representation in the Armonia Regina - Vanilla and Bottle Green models.