Smart Fire System

Optimising combustion and heat- accumulation authomatically

In order to match high efficiency with user-friendly stoves, Cerampiù designed a device that controls combustion authomatically and safely.

Smart Fire is an electronic system that automatically adjusts combustion air inlet of the wood burning stove to optimise combustion and heat-accumulation.
This system can measure out precisely the air supply, according to the temperature of the combustion chamber, to ensure an optimal heat-accumulation and a complete, clean and efficient combustion, with minimal emission.

Place the wood, light on the fire and close the door: these are the only operations required, Smart Fire will do the rest.  In this way it will not be necessary to set the air flow manually, adjusting the air levers of the stove. 

Cerampiù products equipped with Smart Fire system

All Cerampiù efficient wood burning stoves and fireplaces may be equipped with Smart Fire electronic system to control combustion air automatically.

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