More accumulation with Durasic®

Heating Accumulation

Heat-accumulation stoves are a particular type of stoves, built with materials with high heat accumulation capacity. These ensure a slow and constant release of healthy and beneficial heat: radiant heat.

This heat diffusion system warms up not only the air, but also surfaces, walls and floors, spreading it uniformly throughout the room. This heat uniformity created between floor and ceiling ensures an optimal thermal comfort in your home and personal well-being.


​Up to 12 hours of heating accumulation with Durasic® system

Durasic® is an innovative material developed in our laboratories and made with natural elements, characterized by a very high heat-accumulation capacity. It is a product with an excellent performance, like no other in the current scenario of heat-accumulation heating.
The complete craftsmanship of this material allows to design and create modular elements that can adapt to any shape and volume. This extraordinary freedom of application allows to further increase the heat accumulation of our stoves, by extending the heat release even for several hours.


Durasic® system for stoves with high efficiency.
Focus on the details of our modular flue gas system and accumulation rings that give to our stoves and fireplaces their well-known heat accumulation capacity.

Heat Accumulation

Focus on the power of accumulation and the advantages of the heating that our accumulation tiled stoves can offer.