Keramfire® System

Combustion chamber in Keramfire®

The combustion chamber of our stoves is covered by a particular refractory material, characterized by a high heat accumulation capacity, called Keramfire®, our registered brand from 1993.
Keramfire® is an exclusive blend of natural raw materials studied in our labs and able to resist high temperatures and thermal shocks.
It has been developed in order to obtain the best performances for our tiled stoves.
In fact, a Keramfire® combustion chamber is able to release the heat accumulated during combustion for many hours, even after the fire is off.
The typical light colour that we chose for Keramfire® combustion chamber gives a clear and pleasant aspect that remains unchanged over time.

Cerampiù products equipped with Keramfire®

La Stubetta, Sintesi and Armonia are equipped with Keramfire® combustion chamber.

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