Hybrid System

A programmable wood stove? Unmissable.

All the advantages of joining wood and electricity in a hybrid wood stove

Our new “Hybrid” system, developed by Cerampiù, makes tiled stoves work in two ways, using wood or electricity, just by connecting the stove to an electrical outlet. The electric programm works through internal electrical resistances and is generally used for practical reasons.

Our “Hybrid” programm perfectly matches the house photovoltaic system, ensuring greater autonomy, energy-saving and comfort even when nobody is at home.
You can just easily programm the electrical ignition just a few hours before getting up or coming back home. You will find your hybrid wood stove warm, without lighting on the fire.

All the advantages of joining wood
and electricity

Our “Hybrid” system technology applied to wood stoves results in a more flexible and comfortable heating system that gives you all the benefits of a modern wood-burning stove, keeping those of a traditional tiled stove.


The two power sources programms make hybrid wood stoves perfect for every occasion. You can use wood fuel when there is no electricity supply, and viceversa. The stove works also with alternating systems, depending on whether you prefer a cuddly warmth (using electricity) or a quick and effective wood-burning warmth.


The stove electrical ignition can be easily programmed and managed through a timer. You can use both a manual timer (provided by a third party) and a remote one, allowing you to turn on/off the stove via smartphone app. In this way, you will be able to turn on the stove just a few hours before getting up or coming back home : majolica tiles will start heating the room without having to light on the fire.


In electric mode, the stove works by simply plugging the socket. Once the desired temperature is reached, the stove turns itself off, allowing you to enjoy the heat, gradually released from tiles.


Your savings are ensured by the electric system, combined with the heat-accumulation of tiles! After the stove reaches the desired temperature, tiles will continue releasing the heat for hours, without any need for additional fuel. The highest efficiency and cost-saving are reached when the Hybrid system is used together with the photovoltaic system.
All these characteristics add to the proper advantages of a wood-burning tiled stove, deriving from tiled covering and heat-accumulation system: a clean and total combustion, a pleasant heat that lasts hours, beauty and customisation.

Cerampiù products equipped with our Hybrid system

Our Hybrid system can be joined to the following models: La Stubetta Quadra, La Stubetta Rondò, La Stubetta Chef, Sintesi Mini. Their structure and dimensions ensure high efficiency with both power supplies: wood and electricity.

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