Heat-accumulation System

High efficiency wood stoves are made of materials with a high heat-accumulation capacity. Their main feature is to absorb heat during combustion and release it slowly and gradually in the room, for an healthy and pleasant warmth.

The external part of heat-accumulation stoves is entirely coated by ceramic tiles, a material with a natural heat-accumulation capacity that absorbs heat during combustion and releases it slowly and gradually.
Tiled surface never reaches too high temperatures, making these stoves ideal to be equipped with wooden or tiled benches: a great idea to enjoy the released healthy radiant heat.

Pleasant long-lasting heat with Durasic®

The secret of our high efficiency wood stoves is the internal flue gas system of Durasic®.

Durasic® is a refractory material we developed and patented, in order to obtain the highest heat-accumulation capacity: the hot smokes of combustion cross the flue gas system and transfer their thermal energy to its surface. This energy is then released slowly and gradually in the room by radiation.
The heat-accumulation produced by the flue gas system lasts up to 12 hours from the last wood loading.

Heart of Keramfire®

The combustion chamber of La Stubetta and Sintesi is made of Keramfire®, a particular refractory material. This is an exclusive blend of natural raw materials, developed in our laboratory and patented by us, resistant to high temperatures as well as thermal shock. Heat is accumulated during the combustion and gradually released, even after the fire has burned out.

Radiant heating system: wellness from head to toe

High efficiency wood stoves produce a pleasant and healthy warmth by radiation, very good for body and soul.
  • It does not make throat dry, as it keeps an optimal degree of air humidity. Air is not too dry and cough is prevented.
  • It is also good for people suffering from allergies because it does not create airflow or streams and limits moving dust; 
  • It benefits people suffering from pains or seasonal respiratory diseases, as it heats in a uniform and long-lasting way, with a warm temperature. The stove warms up not only its surrounding air, but also room's surfaces, reducing in this way condensation and molds;
  • It heats up body and soul: what better kind of heat, than the radiant one? Being like the sun heat, you would experience sunny day benefits every day!

Cerampiù products equipped with Heat-accumulation System

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