Future Heat System

Your 100% electrically powered majolica stove

“Future Heat” System is the new completely ecological heating system developed by Cerampiù: for a 100% electrically powered majolica stove, whithout using wood.

All the advantages of majolica + electric system

Perfect when combined with home photovoltaics, the electric majolica stove with Future Heat System is the best choice for heating small areas such as study rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, ensuring maximum comfort and well-being… as only a tiled stove can do. And without even having to light the fire on!
  • A healthy heat is released slowly and constantly by the heat accumulation of majolica cladding.
  • Radiant heat warms up surfaces and walls without air movements that can raise dust.

Programming option

The stove electrical ignition can be easily programmed and managed through a timer. You can use both a manual timer (provided by a third party) as well as a remote one, allowing you to turn on/off the stove via smartphone app.

In this way, you will be able to program the stove ignition, in order to get the room warmed up for when you will need it. For example, it is perfect to heat your bathroom in order to find it warm when you want to take a shower.


Your savings are ensured by the 100% electric system, combined with the heat-accumulation of tiles.
After the stove reaches the desired temperature, tiles will continue releasing the heat constantly.
The highest efficiency and cost-saving are reached when the electric majolica stove with Future Heat system is used together with the photovoltaic system.
All these characteristics are combined with the proper advantages of a classic wood-burning tiled stove, deriving from tiled covering and heat-accumulation system: a pleasant heat that lasts hours, beauty and customisation.


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