Durasic® System


The leading-edge technology for drawing and construction of high efficiency fireplaces and wood burning stoves.

Durasic® is an innovative material, developed by Cerampiù technical research. It is composed of heat-accumulation rings and a flue gas system: the forefront of heat-accumulation systems to create high-efficiency fireplaces and wood burning stoves with the greatest freedom in defining shapes and sizes.

Thanks to the wide range of modular components properly designed (available in two diameters: 180 mm with large thickness and 160 mm for minimum obstruction), the flue gas system in Durasic® allows to work out different dimensions and shapes, both for fireplaces and majolica stoves, with significant advantages not only from the technical and aesthetic viewpoint, but also in terms of performance and maintenance.

Technical features

Cerampiù accumulation rings and flue gas system are made of Durasic®, an innovative material based on silicon carbide (diamond-hardness like!) and fireclay. The mix of these two natural elements, developed in our laboratory, resulted in a high performing and unrivaled product.

Durasic®, the flue gas system's material, is characterised by:
  • high termal conduction
  • rapid heat accumulation and gradual release
  • very good properties of flue gas outflow and very low formation of residue
  • high resistance to thermal and mechanical shock

Tested and certificated

The flue gas system in Durasic® has been tested and certified for performance and efficiency by the institution of research and development (VFH) of the Österreichischer Kachelofenverband in Wien with report no. VFH – 12 – 020 M of 30/10/2012, in which the calculation method of Durasic® in the software of KOV calculation program has been included.


The  Durasic® flue gas system is characterised by:
  • Wide choice in designing elaborate or very compact shapes.
  • Easy construction steps, with reduced timing.
  • Easy planning with elements included in the calculation program of KOV in Vienna.
  • Personalized performance report: to know the output before starting the installation.
  • Performance that may be certified over 80%!

Video: Construction of a majolica stove with Durasic® flue system


Durasic® heat-accumulation rings are the easiest solution to maximise efficiency of wood burning stoves and fireplaces, making the best use of the space above the insert and fireplace.

Durasic® heat-accumulation Rings performance

Values measured in accordance with EN 13229 and validated by Test Report no. PO-14-036 by IMQ Primacontrol.

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