Fire technology


Our new “Hybrid” system, developed by Cerampiù, makes tiled stoves work in two ways, using wood or electricity, just by connecting the stove to an electrical outlet. The electric programm works through internal electrical resistances and is generally used for practical reasons.


In order to match high efficiency with user-friendly wood burning stoves, Cerampiù designed a device that controls combustion authomatically and safely.

Smart Fire is an electronic system that automatically adjusts combustion air inlet of the stove to optimise combustion and heat-accumulation.


Tiled wood burning stoves are made of materials with a high heat-accumulation capacity. Their main feature is to absorb heat during combustion and release it slowly and gradually in the room, for an healthy and pleasant warmth.

Keramfire® System

The combustion chamber of our stoves is covered with a particular refractory material called Keramfire®, an exclusive blend of natural raw materials, developed in our laboratories and able to resist high temperatures and thermal shocks.

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