Ecodesign 2022

Within the 2022 in the eu it will be possible to produce only “eco-friendly” stoves and fireplaces

The commitment to produce clean energy and to protect our environment is one of the main goals of the European Union.
From January 2022, in fact, in the EU market, only eco-friendly devices could be commercialised: in other words, stoves, fireplaces, kitchens and biomass boilers that respect specific parameters of efficiency and emission.

Ecodesign 2022 was born from the necessity to balance the biomass systems in the European Union in order to support the “eco-friendly” technological and regulated replacement that is able to reduce the powders polluting emissions in the atmosphere.

EU Regulations

If it is known that the energy produced by the biomass is renewable and with a law environmental impact (the CO2 quantity produced from the combustion is similar to the quantity that trees absorb during their growth), on the other hand the heat systems producers did not always adapt to the standards making the situation at the EU level complex and not uniform.
Therefore, the EU decided to intervene with the 2015/1189 Regulations and the EU 2015/1185, on three action levels:
  • Specific regulations for the planning: the minimum efficiency requirements and the maximum levels of the product emissions (particulate PM), organic gas composites (OGC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxygen (Nox).
  • Methods of measurements and calculation: the criteria of measurement and calculation of the parameters are pointed out, recognised and aligned at the EU level.
  • Product info: the transparency towards the final consumer with the commitment of giving precise information about the product that must be public.

The specific planning regulations: efficiency and levels of emissions

According to the wood stoves regulstion, the efficiency and emission values required to the devices for the heat of rooms, through the solid combustion with the closed fireplace that use solid combustible different from the granular pressed wood (pellet) are the following:
  • The particulate emissions (PM), should not exceed the 40 mg/m³ at 13% O2
  • The organic gas components emissions (OGC), should not exceed the 120 mg/m³ at 13% O2
  • The carbon monoxide emissions should not exceed the 1500 mg/m³ at 13% O2
  • The nitrogen oxygen emissions should not exceed the 200 mg/m³ at 13 % O2
  • The efficiency level should not be lower than 65 %

When will the Ecodesign 2022 come into force?

The deadline which the companies that produce biomass heat systems have to observe is distinguished according to the kind of product they process:
  • Within the 1st January 2020 for the biomass boilers (EU Regulation 2015/1189)
  • Within the 1st January 2022 for biomass domestic devices such as stoves, fireplaces and kitchens (EU Regulation 2015/1189)

The Ecodesign 2022 Cerampiù products

The commitment we assume with our products is the wellness at home through the sane radiant heat released by our stoves in the space thanks to the technologies that respect the highest efficiency and emissions standards. 
This is the reason why La Stubetta, Sintesi, Armonia already respect the Ecodesign 2022 requirements.