Majolica artisans and accumulation heating specialists

We have been producing tiled stoves and heat-accumulation fireplaces since 1992 in our production site in Asolo, one of the most charming little old towns in Italy and described as “The town of the hundred horizons” or the “Veneto Pearl”.

Our tiles come from the transformation of raw materials, air, water, fire and earth to create stoves in unique shape and decorations, as an original handcrafted production. Our stoves are completely customisable and suitable to meet any style, design, wellness and energy efficiency.
Every single item joins all the technical skills achieved throughout time. Cerampiù experience resulted in the creation of systems that ensures high efficiency, cost savings and a healthy and well-balanced warmth for the well-being of the entire family.
Heat accumulation stoves, tiled fireplaces and small heat accumulation stoves are made with elements produced in a traditional way and joined by our expert stove fitters. The external part of majolica is developed to obtain a design heating system, able to adapt to the style that best represents you, without forgetting the pleasant heat released.
The internal part, the most technological, takes full advantage of the energy resulting from combustion and then gradually releases it externally, with beneficial effects on the body and the surrounding environment.

History and tradition

In 1992 the production of majolica elements for tiled stoves began. Over the years it has specialised in the creation of customised majolica stoves and fireplaces that satisfy each customer’s taste and style. Every single product embodies all the experience and passion that Cerampiù has always involved to ensure a healthy and pleasant warmth, for the well-being of the whole family.

Handcrafting and made in Italy

Our stoves are completely handcrafted and stand out for the beautiful and precious majolica that covers them. Our production is completely Made in Italy, in our production site in Asolo (Tv). Our tiles originate from a natural mixture based on water and clays, carefully selected. This blend is specially worked and mixed for a long time, to make it uniform and fluid. This process is essential to achieve its resistance degree and optimal quality, as well as the aesthetic uniformity that characterizes them.

Art and Design

Glazes and decorations are artfully applied on the majolica by our master decorators who create freehand, unique and original pieces, customised according to your wishes. Each stove thus becomes an authentic work of art. New models, shapes and surfaces are the expression of a continuous search by our expert designers. They are able to join the advantages of a heritage of knowledge in the social, cultural and environmental fields with the results of a technical experience gained over the time.

Innovation and Technology

To us, future means making our roots and our experience available for living well, in perfect harmony with the environment that surrounds us, by developing heating solutions in which technology takes the good of tradition and elevates it to excellence. Cerampiù tiled stoves become useful objects not only for what they do, but also for what they communicate.

Our Showroom

In 2017, Cerampiù opened a new exhibition and work space, dedicated to tiled wood burning stoves. Our dealers are always welcome to visit our exhibition and to invite end users or architects: in this way they will be able to see and directly experience our collection of stoves and fireplaces. Schedule an appointment, you are welcome to visit us!

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