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Majolica craftsmen and storage heating specialists

From the transformation of raw materials, air, water, earth and fire, majolica for stoves with unique shapes and decorations are born, the result of authentic artisanal production which makes our products completely customizable and suitable to satisfy needs of style, design, well-being and energy efficiency.

The external part, the majolica, is designed to obtain a designer heating system, capable of adapting to the style that best represents you, without forgetting the well-being deriving from the heat emanating from it.

The internal part, the most technological, makes the most of the energy deriving from combustion, and then gradually releases it outside, with beneficial effects on the body and the surrounding environment.

The past embraces the future with warmth

Over 30 years ago, Cerampiù began its fascinating journey into the world of artisanal majolica, initially focusing on the creation of customized majolica for custom-made stoves.

Over the years, with an eye towards the future, we have transformed the ancient radiant heat of traditional Tyrolean stoves into modern and fast storage majolica stoves.

The union between tradition and innovation has given rise to practical and immediate solutions, which stand out for the timeless charm of artisanal majolica and the efficiency in heat accumulation.

All our products are made entirely in our factory Asolo (TV), proudly taking the wording “Made in Italy” to a higher level: “Made in Cerampiù!"

Environmental sustainability: the role of research in product development Cerampiù

Ensuring greater comfort for people and fair consumption of natural resources is a difficult balance to maintain. The challenge is high, but it is an increasingly indispensable and indeferrable collective effort.

An innate propensity for innovation works in our favor which pushes us to constantly invest in research, for the development of heating products that are increasingly technologically advanced and less invasive for the environment.

All our stoves are already eco-sustainable and reach the highest levels of performance and low emissions, positioning themselves in the 5-star class of merit established by specific anti-pollution regulations.

But we won't stop here. As people of Cerampiù and as inhabitants of the planet, we feel the urgency of this commitment.