Customise your tiled stove

All our ceramic wood stoves are coated by tiles. Whatever your and your house style is, you can choose among lots of colours and decorations for your Cerampiù stove, combining them to create an original and unique piece of furniture.

All the tiles that cover our Kachelofen and ceramic wood stoves are handcrafted. Each piece is followed in every production step, from the mixture of raw clay to the final and decorated element, to ensure the highest quality.

Decorations and details are shaped by the reliable hands of Massimiliano, our ceramist artist, who turns tiles into works of art, taking inspiration from the surrounding world. Cerampiù decorated tiles as well as customised decorations are created in this way, all handcrafted.

Last news by Cerampiù is the new collection of surface effects: tiles with modern look that suggest geometric shapes and attractive tactile effects both to the touch and sight. Each line has a well-defined style, which includes typical natural and classical subjects as well as graphic and design elements. Each tile is different from the others and this detail makes them unique.

Joining our artistic and technical soul, we create new and sometimes very particular proposals, like 24-karat gold decorations.

The warm and healthy touch of tiles

The natural heat-accumulation capacity of tiles allows you to enjoy a pleasant and long-lasting heat, which is accumulated during combustion and released for a long time (up tp 12 hours!), even when the fire has burned out. 

Our Kachelofen ceramic wood stoves provide the room with a warm and familiar effect, thanks to classical finishes that remind a tiled stove. They are also perfect for families with children and animals since its surface never reaches too high and dangerous temperatures.  

The heat released by ceramic wood stoves is like the heat of the sun, it has an healthy effect on our body: it does not make throat dry, as it keeps an optimal degree of air humidity; it is also good for people suffering from allergies because it does not create airflow and limits moving dust; it benefits people suffering from pains or seasonal respiratory diseases, as it heats in a uniform and long-lasting way, with a warm temperature.